Norway, Iceland
Embassy of India
Niels Juels Gt 30
0244 Oslo
+47 22552229
+47 22443194
+47 22440720
+47 22548377
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 08:30-17:00
Visa application submission 09:00-12:00
Collection 14:00-16:00
Transit Visa NOK100
6 month Visa (Business/Tourist/Other) NOK400
1 year Visa (Business/Other) NOK700
5 year Visa (Business/Other) NOK1300
Student Visa 1-5 years NOK750
Download Basic Visa Form:
Standard Form Clearance Form
Download EasyFill Visa Form:
Not Available
Further Information:
Citizens of Iceland are also required to apply for Indian visa at the Indian Embassy, Oslo, Norway.

Application forms must be fully completed and signed, and presented with

1. Passport, valid at least 3 months beyond the date of expiry of visa.
2. Two photographs.
3. Relevant supporting documents.
4. Applicants not ordinarily resident in Norway are required to complete an additional form.

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