Arranging Flights

Flights can be arranged in any number of places, online or on the high street. We have found that the best value is often obtained by visiting or calling an Indian-owned travel agent based in your nearest 'little India'. You can often save 5-10% versus the best price from the likes of say, ebookers or travelocity.

We would like to build a database of good value travel agents for flights to India. If you can make a recommendation, please let us know.

Bear in mind that many of these agents can obtain your visas for you, and they generally charge a nominal fee of between £10 and £20. Remember to take along your completed form (download here) and all supporting documents. Good agents will normally have your visa ready for collection when you go to pick up your airline tickets.

In many cases, it is possible to obtain ticket and visa for the same price as a ticket from one of the more famous travel agents, so it is well worth investigating the travel agents of your local Little India.


Arranging Accommodation

If you require a five star hotel, BOOK IN ADVANCE. There is a shortage of such accommodation, particularly in Delhi, and waiting till you get into town is seldom a good idea. Prices start from around £150 per night. Convert to my currency.

For lower grade hotels, you can normally leave booking till you arrive, though you are advised to at least book your first night in advance. Don't book a hotel through the kiosks at the airport. You can almost certainly arrange a better deal at the hotels themselves. You may also wish to consider booking through online agents, as they often secure deals from lower grade hotels, and then pass on part of the savings to clients.

If you are looking for something more substantial than a hotel room, try a serviced apartment. Passport2India, our sister site, has a few available for rent. Generally you must book for at least one week's stay.



Everyone needs a car in India, from the moment of entry. Even those who have arranged tours may find themselves in need of transport for the first and last few days in the city of entry/exit.

If you don't have a tour arranged, or prefer to create your own bespoke tours, then you definitely need a car. Most westerners and even NRI's (non-resident Indians) have bad experiences with taxis. Visit one of the many travel forums (see below for links) for an idea of how bad the problem can be. Even so-called Official Taxis at the airport are notorious for their aggression and pushiness.

For excellent service and low prices, we recommend They run a large, professional network and provide airport transfers as well as chauffeur and car hire (limited or unlimited mileage). They also offer a cell phone rental service which can save you a great deal of money versus international roaming charges.



Bombay has a well established nightlife scene, and other cities are rapidly following suit. Visit the forums and other links below for more information of what to do at night in India. If you are visiting Delhi, try the New Delhi Nightlife Guide for ideas for the best restaurants and bars to visit.


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